Facebook is now much bigger than the United States

Remember how we thought "The Matrix" was just science fiction. Well when Facebook 8.0 comes out in 50 years we might all be hooked up to machines and getting used like a AA battery. Why? Because Facebook is spreading like a freakin' virus, what happens when it becomes self aware?

Social networking giant Facebook reached a new milestone this week, surpassing 350 million registered users. Founder Mark Zuckerberg noted the occasion in a blog update, where he outlined how his company achieved that number and where it is going from here.

Zuckerberg also used the time to address concerns about changes to Facebook's privacy policies. A major change will be the nature of networks, where regional networks are disbanded and users are presented with more confirmations on what information is exposed. Other privacy options will be simplified by combining many actions.

You've all been warned. Take cover.

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