Google Monster chugs through bad economy

While the sad state of the economy has hit everyone, the one exception has been none other than search-engine giant Google, which probably prints its own money now.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said that the tech firm has ramped up hiring, citing an end to the advertising slump.

Schmidt told reporters at the company's headquarters in New York that Google started to see the first signs of a recovery in May and June, and Wednesday he said the advertising recession has ended, according to a Google spokesman.

"The worst is behind us," said Schmidt. "We're clearly seeing aspects of recovery, not just in the U.S. but also Europe."

Google weathered the economic downturn well, but the company still endured more modest gains in revenue and earnings than the soaring profit and sales it was used to in prior years.

A couple of things that might have helped Google has been the fact that...

(1) People are going out less, staying home, and spending more time on the computer. You don't see internet providers going under because people are more likely to stop eating than stop updating their Facebook status. Since Google is the main search provider for everyone, they get used more since their surfing more often.

(2) Google has diversified, and the amount of items you can use for is staggering. Email, website management, blogging and even social networking. Meanwhile on Bing.com... you can search throw a group of photos... wow.

Well, when we are the Google States of America, just remember the days before the search engines took over...

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Grizzly said...

Google also has been doing a lot with phones. Their new Android platform is totally kicking butt and coming into it's own.